Votre guide de A à Z à l'Empire

De l'avenue Avenue A à D, De New York Alphabet City est l'un des plus branchés adresses à Manhattan, mais seulement EMPIRE a les œuvres complètes de A à Z.

A is for… Astonishing Acrobatics
Our sensational artists perform awe-inspiring acts which defy the laws of gravity et anatomy.

B is for… Bubbles
Grab a glass of bubbly from the bar, and watch Miss A in a Bubble perform breathtaking contortions inside a giant bubble while beautiful smaller bubbles fill the spiegeltent.

C is for… Carrot Man
If you’re lucky, Carrot Man may let you watch him peel his carrot before the show, but he is most appealing while supporting his partner in the stunning adagio act.

D is for… Drinks
As Oscar says, the more you drink, the more attractive you look! Ahead of and throughout the show, we serve up cocktails and a perfectly curated assortment of beer and wine.

E is for… Escapism
All your real-world stresses dissipate as you step inside the spiegeltent and escape into the sexy, fabulous world of EMPIRE.

F is for… Flipping Feet
Flippin’ ‘eck! Can you count how many times Black Flinstone flips his brother Big Mac Boy using only his feet?

G is for… Gorilla Girls
Black-lingerie-clad Ukrainian ladies in gorilla masks and G-strings doing contortions? Oui, se il vous plaît!

H is for… Hammocks
Before the show, come and relax in the Spiegelworld beer garden. Oui, we have hammocks!

I is for… Intimacy
What other show in town is performed on a 10 foot wide stage where the front row audience is anointed with drops of sweat from of our sensuous, energetic stars. And you can get intimate with each other in one of our velvet seating booths.

J is for… Jaw-dropping Juggling
Just try and keep your mouth closed as the Addis Brothers perform their human-juggling act.

K is for… Kaleidoscopic Kultur
The mirrored walls and colourful stained-glass windows of the spiegeltent make the whole experience a little like being inside a kaleidoscope. And who doesn’t love that?

L is for… Lime Green Lady
If you’re looking for a little twist, Lime Green Lady will squeeze her fruit for you.

M is for… Moondog
He’s our resident muso, electric guitar maestro and the indisputable Viking of 14th Street.

N is for… Nudity
Any nudity in our show is completely accidental!

O is for… Oscar
He’s the host of the show, the oracle of Manhattan and open to anything!

P is for… People Perving
Between the death-defying stunts and outrageous comedy, watching the audience’s reactions is almost as good as watching the show itself.

Q is for… Quiet
After all the riotous antics, when 3D Graffiti Guy starts his mesmerizing branch balance act, you can hear a pin drop in the spiegeltent.

R is for… Roller skates
If you think roller skating is strictly child’s play, think again.

S is for… Spiegeltent
Spiegelworld’s travelling tent is the most beautiful you’ll ever see.

T is for… Tease
Oscar’s wife Fanny brings a very special quality to the art of striptease…

U is for… Underwear
And what she reveals will surprise at least one unsuspecting audience member,

V is for… Vaudeville
EMPIRE takes inspiration from and explodes the vaudeville traditions of the early 1900s.

W is for… Wonders of the World
They say New York City is the centre of the universe. Our show starts with a giant globe and our wonderful performers have origins that span the planet.

X is for… Xhilarating
Okay, we’re getting desperate… but it really is an experience so exhilarating you could forget how to spell!

Y is for… Yoga-liscious
Think your crane pose is impressive? Wait until you see what our cast can do!

Z is for… Z Line
EMPIRE City’s Z train is stopping at all stations from zesty to zany to zeitgeist. Stand clear of the closing doors please!

EMPIRE’s Melbourne season runs until April 20. To witness these 26 reasons and many more with your own eyes, book your tickets now!

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