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Got Your billets réservés, mais ne peuvent pas attendre un autre jour pour voir le spectacle? Pourquoi ne pas manivelle ces chansons sur NYC pour vous mettre dans un état d'esprit EMPIRE?

EMPIRE est né à New York, a town which has inspired hundreds of classic songs across the decades. This made selecting the soundtrack for the show no easy feat. But there’s no better place to start any Gotham playlist than with Billy Idol’s “Hot in the City”. It’s the perfect tune to whet your musical appetite (that’s why it opens the show – these guys know what they’re doing).

Feeling a bit hot under the collar just thinking about it? Well take a listen to another favourite from the EMPIRE playlist, the legendary Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan”. It’ll put you in the mood to dominate and paint the town red (or have the Gorilla Girls dominate you – either way).

By now you’ll definitely be in an “Empire State of Mind”, yes? Time then to turn up Jay Z’s concrete jungle anthem, featuring Alicia Keys. With a title like that, it’s a no brainer it’s performed during EMPIRE by our stunning resident vocalist, Mademoiselle Violette. So sing along! Belt it out! Let the big lights inspire you!

Other NYC numbers that didn’t make the cut but will still get you in the mood? How about Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” and Lou Reed’s ode to NYC’s sexually fearless crowd “Walk on the Wild Side”, which complements EMPIRE’s wild and sensual side with its iconic (and erotic) bass line.

Anticipation reaching an all-time high? Take things down a notch with a couple of ballads from EMPIRE. “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” is a beautifully poignant song written during the Great Depression, while “New Amsterdam” from Pink Martini is a memorable love letter to the sleepless city: “I dig her deeply and no wonder / For she’s been lovely to me / And I’m the better for having met her”. Yep, that’s exactly how you’ll feel after seeing EMPIRE.

But if you’re going to take a bite out of tunes dedicated to the Big Apple, you have to finish with the iconic “New York, New York” by Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. After all, from the Bronx to the Battery, New York City is a helluva town. And trust us, EMPIRE puts on one helluva show.

Ready to take Manhattan? EMPIRE’s Melbourne season runs until April 20. Book your tickets now!

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