Doit-on rappeler, Melbourne?

Need we remind you, Melbourne?

Nous sommes maintenant bien dans notre saison Melbourne de EMPIRE par Spiegelworld et jusqu'à présent il ya eu un tour doux. Tout comme la dernière fois que nous étions en ville, l'amende populaire de la capitale de Victoria ont fourni certains commentaires vraiment délicieux, leaving us feeling more than a little chuffed.

Here’s a brag book of some of our personal favourites to entice you to join us in the spiegeltent…

After calling our cast “super-sexy” and our hosts “the rudest compares you’re ever likely to encounter in polite or impolite company” (that’s a compliment, right?), Stephanie Glickman of the Herald Sun told her readers, “EMPIRE probably isn’t the show to shout the in-laws to see, but if it’s a politically incorrect, carnivalesque evening you desire, escalate to the rooftop and get your fill.”

The fine folk at Femail walked out of the spiegeltent on the Crown Rooftop feeling “well and truly blown away by each and every performer – the show certainly exceeded every one of my expectations!"

Celebrity Lane visited us on opening night and was particularly blown away by the thrills and lack of spills from Polka Dot Woman and Blue Tarpoleon, “who spin together across the 3m-wide stage, the act increasing in speed and precision, building to one very climactic ending.”

For Theatre Press, it was the finale that really took the cake. “But it is the final moment which reminded us so powerfully of the wildly improbable feat just performed – simply unforgettable theatre.”

In an exclusive interview with our 3D Graffiti Guy, Informations Memet Rigolo, Melbourne Community Voice dit, “EMPIRE aims to smash the boundaries of, ‘circus, cabaret, vaudeville and burlesque’ and it achieves on all fronts.”

When we announced we had extended our Melbourne leg of the tour, Broadway World spread the word saying our show featured “the sexiest, most daring artists from across the globe…” You got that right!

Convinced yet? We’ll be on the Crown Rooftop until 11 mai, so prepare yourself to be just as amazed as the critics.

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