Garder l'amour vivant avec Oscar et Fanny

EMPIRE Oscar and Fanny

Nous avons un chat en super-amusant avec les amateurs à long terme et EMPIRE MCs Oscar et Fanny sur le romantisme, travailler ensemble et de garder l'amour vivant devant un public en direct. Si leurs réponses sont pratiques, qui sait? All we know is they’re absolutely hilarious!

As a couple in the limelight, we’re wondering whether you have a preferred portmanteau couple name that we should call you by? If Brad and Angelina are Brangelina, what are Oscar and Fanny?

We just like to go by Madison & Park.

How long have the two of you been married?

We got married when the market was low!

What’s the secret to keeping a healthy relationship alive?

Keeping up our sex drive at all costs.

Do you have pet names for each other?

Oscar’s pet name is Sheep Dog. Fanny’s is Petite Labradoodle.

What is your favourite memory as a couple?

Flying in a zeppelin across the Atlantic headed to Paris for our honeymoon (en 1956).

Is it hard to keep the passion alive when you also work together? How do you strike the lover/colleague balance?

We erased the line between work and play years ago. The only difference between what goes on in our bedroom and on stage is one has an audience that paid to watch and the other is a paid audience.

Do you ever get jealous?

Oscar gets very jealous of Fanny’s dresses and jewellery.

When you’re not performing on stage, how do you spend your free time together as a couple?

Naked crossword.

Why should happy couples – and even happy singles – see EMPIRE?

They will be very relieved they are married to each other and not to us.

Want to please your partner and add a little spice to your relationship? Then take your lover along to see EMPIRE – they’ll be sure to love it (and you for it) – before the curtain closes on Melbourne’s final season on 11 mai.

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