Oscar et Fanny de EMPIRE prennent Melbourne


Following their recent stint as relationship advisors, nous avons demandé à notre parfois stupide, hôtes souvent impolis et toujours hilarantes Oscar et Fanny de partager certaines de leurs réflexions sur la belle ville que nous appelons Melbourne. Although the pair fell a little short on supplying us with expert travel tips, they definitely provided the laughs. And isn’t that more important?

What’s funny about Melbourne?

The skinny jeans and pointy shoes.

How do the Melbourne audiences rate?

They are very sophisticated.

Have you guys eaten anywhere fabulous in Melbourne?

Our kitchen has great borscht! Oh and St Ali in Clarendon Street is really good too.

Where have you been stocking up on your bananas?

The magic banana closet.

Have you had any time to shop? If so, what’s your favourite purchase?

We are really happy with the goat we bought at the Abbotsford Convent.

Oscar, what’s been your favourite Melbourne sight so far?

Fanny’s butt on her bike seat while on the Yarra Trail.

What do you get up to in your downtime in Melbourne?

Sleeping with our teddy bear, meditating and naked yoga. We’re not trying to be funny – this is the truth.

Who did you check out during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival?

Asher Treleaven, Die Roten Punkte, Le (Very) Big Laugh Out and the Festival Club at the Hi-Fi.

Chatte, are the men in Melbourne better looking than those in Sydney?

What men?

And Oscar, what about the women?

The men look amazing.

Where’s the one place you’d tell a friend they must visit in Melbourne?

Our pants!

Don’t miss seeing Oscar and Fanny in action – they really must be seen to be believed – at the Crown Rooftop in Melbourne during EMPIRE’s final season, which finishes 11 mai.

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