Dans les coulisses EMPIRE

EMPIRE's cast getting ready

Comme on dit dans le showbiz, vous ne savez jamais à quelqu'un avant de savoir de leurs ébats coulisses. Dans le but de révéler un peu plus sur notre équipe de EMPIRE étonnant, we went backstage to find out what really goes on before the spiegeltent curtain drops…

Terrence Williams – Production stage manager
Do you have any superstitions or pre-show rituals that help you put together a smooth show every time?

I’m not very superstitious, even when it comes to old-school superstitions like mentioning theScottish Playor whistling backstage, although I do respect the history of these.

As for pre-show rituals, there’s not always time for the same thing every day, although it would be nice. I do my best to find five quiet minutes to just clear my mind of the day’s administrative work so that I can call the best possible show each evening.

Victoria Matlock – Miss Purple
Do you change anything in your diet or drink anything in particular to keep your voice pitch perfect all season long?

I generally don’t eat much dairy and occasionally like to have lemon in hot water. These both help my allergies, which can wreak havoc on the voice, especially when travelling in a new place. Plus lots of water!

John Shannon – Moondog
Tell us about your pre-show amp-up routine…

A few guitar finger exercises, a few times flipping my guitar around my back and a strong cup of coffee to wash down my LSD (low sugar diet).

Alona Stekolnikova, Alina Reutska and Kateryna Rudenko – Gorilla Girls
How do you three spend your downtime?

Walks into the city or road trips to see some of this amazing country. But sometimes you just want to rest and have a quiet day at home or spend time with your friends watching movies and having dinner.

Memet Bilgin – 3D Graffiti Guy
How do you celebrate after delivering a perfect performance?

I quietly appreciate having done the job well.

EMPIRE is playing at Melbourne’s Crown Rooftop until 11 mai. To see the cast in all their spectacular glory, get your tickets now!

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