Une réponse EMPIRE

Give them a round of applause!

Comme nous emballons notre Spiegeltent, accessoires et des costumes (assure un minimum de vêtements, nous ne allons jamais au cours de notre limite de bagages) en préparation de notre séjour en Nouvelle-Zélande, we’d like to take a moment to convince you that tickets to EMPIRE are a worthy investment. Here we share our personal brag book of media rave reviews and audience social-media commentary from our Australian season…

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Private Sydney confessed to having had their “jaws agape through the 90-minute show which ranged from the seductive Gorilla Girls from Ukraine, who formed perfectly balanced pyramids on top of each other, to the Ethiopian foot juggler, Black Flintstone, who defied all odds by juggling his kid brother Big Mac Boy, and then catching him as the audience gasped.”

Karen B told us on Facebook that EMPIRE is a health risk worth taking twice. “Just saw the show again, this time with my mum. We both almost hyperventilated from gasping and laughed ourselves silly at various times. What a wonderful, wonderful production – love it!"

At the hands of live every lastminute, EMPIRE was dubbed, “Ninety minutes of outrageous fun housed in an antique circus tent complete with fairy lights, ornate mirrors and a fully stocked bar (open throughout the show)."

Dee Jefferson at TimeOut Sydney told readers, “[EMPIRE] offers up a production that’s silly but incredibly slick, sexy but incredibly irreverent, and in an intimate space that puts you up close to the action.”

Shirene D took to Facebook to rave, “This was possibly the best show I have ever seen. It’s everything that it advertises itself to be and the cast are MEGA talented. Don’t miss this one!"

During our second run in Melbourne, the Herald Sun shared, “EMPIRE is a collection of hard-edged morsels softened by occasional displays of meditative eloquence, all atop a tiny circular stage that rotates and elevates at key moments. Somehow, potty-mouthed humour manages to coexist with acrobatics of the highest quality.”

The Canberra Times warned that EMPIRE is not for the prude or the faint-hearted (we know you Kiwis are neither) and praised our show for being “expertly constructed and paced” and “a hugely theatrical show and performed by a wonderful cast of fearless artists”. Aw, shucks!

Gayle S, an audience member who told us on Facebook that she “loved, loved, loved [the show]” confessed that while planning her third EMPIRE experience she was “feeling like a groupie!” Gayle, you can be our groupie any day.

Over at Femail, reviewer Brooke Hunter said the show exceeded every one of her expectations. “I don’t want to give too much away because I really think EMPIRE by Spiegelworld is best left as a surprise… but do keep in mind EMPIRE by Spiegelworld cannot be missed.”

NZ – Australia has spoken and, clearly, getting tickets to our show should be your top priority.

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